Our CAD systems help create sophisticated collections and make your design ideas to life. CAD patterns can be accurately edited, detailed and maintained per each style and size with required measurement. CAD is easy to adjust and it can be adjusted multiple times which saves time. Also, at client's request, we can provide patterns that can be converted to CAD programs.

Pattern Making

Handmade patterns will be transformed from your design sketch after an open discussion regarding all the detail, specifications, and finishing. Muslin or proto-type will be sewn for fitting along with the first pattern.

Our pattern maker has 32 years of experience in conceptualizing patterns and sketches. We also provide transformation of a muslin by designer to flat patterns with required measurement. This step will be a chance to make any correction and alteration. Upon approval of muslin or proto-type after fitting, pattern will be finalized for marking and grading.

Sample Development / Production Process

Samples Our expert cutters, seamstresses, pressers, and finishers all take a part in making high quality garments. Sample will be made with actual raw materials same as production to confirm how the final product will come out. Sample will be used for photoshoots, at fashion shows, as a show room sample, and as a reference for production.

Production If our company is involved with your development, we can directly process the production with a cutting ticket. If you already have your pattern marker graded and sampled, there will be T.O.P. sample made to confirm the quality of garment. We will QC all production when ready to ship, then we need our clients to QC all production to see if there is any issue before shipping. Plus we can handle all type of fabric. We don’t provide fabrics but can provide quality sources for them.


We provide fitting and sort out any potential issues for adjustments or corrections with pattern maker in our studio.

We also provide advice to help the client and suggestions made by our pattern makers. We offer muslin fitting and after reviewing the garment at the 1st fitting session.